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Welcome to The Slanker Report's website which showcases some old and new commentary plus the portal for the subscriber sign-up service.  The articles on this site will provide a very brief and narrow-ranged glimpse into the breadth and depth of the market, financial, economic, and political commentary that's presented throughout the year in The Slanker Report.  The letter ranges in size from informal e-mail messages regarding current market related events to longer letters with charts, links, and commentary.  The subscription price is US$49.00 per year and it is delivered only via the Internet.

“Real Growth with Real Money”
The investment goal is real growth of capital based on real money.  This means that the value of your savings grows after taking into account the debasement of the money in which it is denominated.  In other words, the value grows after price inflation.  How important is this?  Well, in constant dollars (dollars adjusted for price inflation) in October 2011 the Dow Jones Industrial Average was less than it was in the spring of 1998.  At the bottom of the market plunge in 2009 the DJIA was at the same level it touched during the market peak in 1966.  That kind of performance illustrates how brutal price inflation is to the purchasing power of everyone's savings.  And you can thank the Federal Reserve and our politicians we send to Washington for watering down the value of our money.
Slanker's analysis is based on common sense with a goal to root out special situations that meet the objectives of real growth of capital.  His recommendations are based on over 45-years of professional market analysis and are framed with commentaries on business, economics, and politics.  Yes, most of the commentary focuses on market activity including currencies, stocks (foreign and domestic), commodities, bonds, and gold.  If you want solid inputs for your decision making process, you are invited to become a subscriber to:  The Slanker Report.
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