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Why Should Anyone Subscribe to a
Market Letter?
The primary reason for subscribing to independent financial market newsletters is that they are independent sources for ideas and perspective.
Publications that are dependent on advertisers are beholding to those advertisers to at least some degree.  For instance, nearly everywhere you turn articles from all mediums promote the nutritional goodness of "whole grains."  Yet grains are the primary reason for why we have an Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency which is associated with nearly 100% of all chronic diseases.
So, not only is our whole food system based on grain but most of the advertising dollars come from companies that make and sell food products that are grain-based or are grain.  Therefore the nutritional story is skewed for acceptance by the naive masses.
In the financial world it's not considered good form to be negative.  Salesmen, no matter their fancy titles (analyst, account executive, advisor, etc.), are all salesmen.  They all know that in the securities business you can't convince the masses to pour their hard earned money into retirement plans if the inherent dangers are openly discussed.
Unfortunately there are inherent risks existing today that are built into our financial/banking system that go well beyond any of the risks Americans have had to contend with since the Civil War.  If these risks exist, don't you think you should be aware of them?
This doesn't mean "independent" advise is always correct, but independent inputs can only broaden your knowledge base and open up additional opportunities that you would never have been exposed to if you followed the same news and information sources all others receive.
Subscribe now to The Slanker Report and broaden your awareness of the events that are currently and futuristically impacting us all.

Financial Market Pressure Points

If you are not focused on these events, you need The Slanker Report.

First of all, do you understand the implications of this chart from the Federal Reserve, our nation's central bank?  To view a current chart click here.

What does it mean when Total Credit Market Debt Owed stops growing after it has been growing nonstop for sixty years?  One must pay attention to this if they have any savings whatsoever.  It does not matter if ones savings are in cash under the mattress, CDs, money market funds, the stock market, or government bonds.  In time their purchasing power will be negatively impacted.  Keeping one's head in the sand means nothing other than you will remain a victim of irrational government policies.  There are consequences for the debt event illustrated above in the chart.  This has been a discussion point in The Slanker Report for several years now.

This next chart, the DJIA priced in Gold, has been one of our favorites for nearly 40 years.  What is it telling you?

How did this chart perform between 1900 and 1950?  Makes you wonder doesn't it?  If it doesn't, then you are out of the loop so to speak.  That's because something is going on here that some people are aware of while the public at large remains clueless.  If you are clueless, then you have no idea what the implications of this chart are for your hard earned savings.  Simply put, it's important -- very important.

Are you focused on this chart from

If this chart is not branded in your frontal lobe, then are you setting yourself up for another ride over Niagara Falls?  Maybe this is a good reason for subscribing to The Slanker Report.

How about the Euro?  Is it sustainable?  Did the European Union's October 26, 2011 comprehensive policy response to the government debt crisis, which was threatening the stability of the euro currency and global economy, solve the fundamental problem of the Euro?  What about Spain, Portugal, France, and other deeply indebted countries in the Euro Zone?  If the Euro debt crisis is real, why is this currency still up?

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