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Who is Ted Slanker?

The Slanker Report is edited by Ted E. Slanker, Jr., a 45-year veteran of professional investing.  He graduated from Oregon State University in 1966 and became a stockbroker that year.  In 1969, when gold was still $35 an ounce, at the ripe old age of 24 he started his own brokerage firm--a gold stock boutique.  Mr. Slanker believed then that gold was the buy of a lifetime.  His stance eventually established him as one of America's leading gold bulls until he made a major tactical switch in January 1981.  That's when he told his clients to sell their gold stocks and load up on deep discount, long-term U.S. government bonds (yielding 14%) and common stocks.
In the late 1990s Mr. Slanker said gold stocks are once again the greatest buys on Wall Street.  Commodity prices have been crushed.  Stocks have gone beyond the moon.  This has set the stage for a major, multiyear market shift away from intangibles (stocks and bonds) and back to tangibles (agricultural commodities, minerals, and energy).
In addition to his professional brokerage experience, Mr. Slanker has considerable experience in writing about markets and mining in particular.  For nine years Mr. Slanker was the publisher and editor of International Investor's Viewpoint (1976 to 1984).  In 1983 he started North American Gold Mining Industry News, a weekly financial/mining industry newspaper he edited for two years.  For 14 years (1985 to 1998) he was publisher and editor of Market Update, a mining industry promotional newsletter that was free to all subscribers.  When many of Market Update's 10,000 readers started asking Mr. Slanker for more in-depth and frequent commentary on the markets and individual stocks, he responded by starting The Slanker Report in 1992.
Coincidentally with writing market commentary and analysis, from 1982 through 1998 Mr. Slanker was a management and financial advisor for small junior mining companies.  In addition he participated in numerous financings of speculative mining ventures.  Consequently, Mr. Slanker has considerable experience from not only a market perspective but as an insider as well.
Now Mr. Slanker says he is simplifying his life.  He has cut his publishing and writing back to just The Slanker Report and a not too regular letter on nutrition that is associated with his grass-fed meat business.  Of course he still has an interest in his 640-acre cattle ranch in northeast Texas where he raises bulls and markets Grass-Fed Meats.  As much as he wants to also relax on his boat, he still puts in considerable time following markets.
The Slanker Report is a study of markets, individual stocks, people, politics, and economics.  Mr. Slanker says the currency problems of the late-1900s has persisted into the twenty-first century and will eventually culminate in a melt down of the world's unsustainable credit structure.  He says modern economists are the alchemists of our time.  Their complex theories and intensive studies, which have greatly expanded man's understanding of how economies function, will not lead to the land of milk and honey they say is so certain.  The threat to the purchasing power of everyone's savings comes from the eventual collapse of the credit-backed currency system, the “philosophers’ stone” of modern economics.  Consequently, the reasons for buying gold today are different than they were in 1970, but as an investment tactic buying gold is far more important now than it was then.
Ted Slanker's writing style is politically incorrect.  Additionally, he will not tell his readers what they want to hear, but what he is thinking and for that he has been called a “maverick's maverick.”  (In other words, he does not write a “feel good letter” designed to appeal to the greatest number of readers.)  His writing style is positive, clearly thought out, and easy to read.  His investment approach is long-term and frequently his charts of commodities and various markets go back 30 years or more.  Frequently his super long-term charts are in constant dollars so his readers can see how markets actually performed without the upward skewing caused by the 95% debasement the dollar's purchasing power that occurred during the twentieth century while inflation was “under control.”  That debasement continues today.
Mr. Slanker's letter does not carry advertising.  Nor does Mr. Slanker provide flourishing write ups on companies because they have agreed to pay for promotional mass mailings of his letter to gain him new subscribers.  In others words, The Slanker Report is 100% subscriber supported.  And the opinions are Mr. Slanker's right or wrong.
Mr. Slanker emphasizes that he is not a political insider.  He doesn't have secret meetings with people in high places who are supposed to know the inside scoop.  He doesn't travel around the world meeting with gurus.  Mr. Slanker says he pulls his pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else and he “sweats like a horse” when he's working on the ranch.  But, it's clear to The Slanker Report subscribers that he pours all his know-how and experience into his market analysis.
In defining himself, Mr. Slanker says he's simply a “student of the markets.”  And because of that he believes he's constantly learning and constantly getting better.  He says, “My record is very good, but my record isn't perfect like many of my competitors claim theirs are.  So if you want perfection, you had better subscribe to a letter that advertises how much money they'll make you on every trade, because that won't happen with me.  Investing is not a glamorous lark, it's a tough business.  And, in the years to come it's going to get a lot tougher.  So all we can do is work hard and try to understand the risks as well as the rewards that face us in the years ahead so our savings are properly positioned.”

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