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"Briefly, Iíll review my theory for the relationship between commodity prices and stock prices.  It also underscores my belief that stock prices can't increase relative to commodities forever.  It starts with a question:  'How can valuations for companies that produce commodities, transform commodities, deliver commodities, and service the companies that do all of the above climb higher and higher when commodities fall lower and lower?'"
Ted Slanker
in the year 2000

Comments from 2000 & 2001

These old TSR essays from 2000 and 2001 have been
on this Website since they were first published.


Most folks really don't pay attention to the Big Picture.  Well, I do and so do my readers.  One aspect that receives our attention is the valuation relationships between tangibles and intangibles.  I'm sure you're aware that they're connected, yet most folks do not know that.  They just go along blissfully blaming their problems on conspiracies, "they," and who knows what.
Over the next dozen years or so a new game will unfold on Wall Street.  Actually it's really not new, it's just that we haven't experienced it for quite some time.  A preview of coming attractions is outlined in the essays in the links listed above.  Enjoy.  And don't forget to subscribe to The Slanker Report.

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